AcadAMadi has been created by international entrepreneur Madi Sharma ( Madi does not have any formal qualifications and believes that a person’s real talent should not be based on qualifications or accredited competences.

AcadAMadi, as a registered trade mark, is the Academy which delivers the #MadiEffect to those who participate in this ultimate University of Life.

         Our Thinking

Each person has the ability to deliver results which utilise their skills, talents and personalities.

Each one of us is unique and AcadAMadi has been created to identify an individual’s USP, 

Unique selling point

Empowering this human capital will have unimaginable results and benefits.

AcadAMadi is:

  • A Curriculum Designed For You – CDY
  • A course where you are inspired to aspire and achieve your goals.
  • A qualification where you receive an A+ Grade because you identify your real potential and talents.


How do we do it? Through a unique phenomenon known as the #MadiEffect. The #MadiEffect represents the motivation and passion in people’s lives.

AcadAMadi gives YOU the tools and knowledge

               to MAKE IT happen… NOW!