AcadAMadi Testimonials


British Council: Global Change Makers Comments (Young Leaders of the Future)

  • Grace Ihejiamaizu“Thanks so much for yesterday’s talk and for your willingness to work with me in the future. You are such an incredible woman leader and I admire your work as a change maker and entrepreneur”.    
  • Awa – The Gambia“You really a source of inspiration to me and other Global Change makers and I hope we will get in touch and collaborate in many ways”.       
  • Anas y. Elmahi“It was really my pleasure to meet you, I have never met anyone as fluent, confidant, and inspiring as you. Your big Fan “
  • Anna Gyða Sigurgísladóttir– Iceland “With the economic crisis and lack of job opportunities around the world, entrepreneurship is on the uprise. Social entrepreneurship has never been more valued, more needed and more achievable than it is today but yet this term remains unknown to too many people. A group changemakers from Iceland have decided to make an inspirational and enlightening documentary about this important phenomenon. The film focuses on a very special social entrepreneur, Madi Sharma, who wants nothing more than to spread out what she believes in. Madi is one of those people you meet in life and always remember. Like most social entrepreneurs she’s obsessed by her ideas and has committed her life to changing the direction of her field. She is a visionary and a mass recruiter of local changemakers – a role model encouraging that citizens who channel their passion into action can do almost anything.
  • One of the group members describes her encounter with Madi:”She is without a doubt the most inspirational person I’ve ever been in contact with. I remember very strong feelings inside of me that were screaming: “Her voice, message and philosophy must be heard in more places.” I want people to get the same tingeling motivating feeling inside as I got when I heard Madi talk”.

There are many people that aren’t aware of the power they have, within themselves and the options and opportunities they have to change their society. The purpose and aim of the film is to enlighten, spread and awake interest in the term and phenomenon social entrepreneurship as well as to awake motivation within the audience. For we need drive and inspiration to be able to make change.


TEDxUBIWilitz  Dirk L. Daenen, Dean, UBI-Brussels United Business Institutes

  • “When Sinead set my expectations as high as she did, I was wondering who on earth could make that kind of impact. Now I know. When I got home last night, my wife turned to me and said: “Madi was my favourite” – and I know why. You have the ability to inspire women to be the person they once ‘imagined’ they could be. As a husband and a father to two girls I hope your message is heard. My wife runs her own SAP consultancy firm working 10 hours a day, she is a full-time mother, she is a full-time friend, confident and wife. I defy anyone to tell her women can’t do everything! Where I can facilitate you to spread that message, let me know.

European SME Transfer Summit Brussels Eric Winnen

  • “Your speech was just excellent and perfectly swashbuckling: you’re probably one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard and you highly contributed to make this Summit a success. And we’re deeply grateful for that”

SME Assembly Vilnius Lithuania – Pablo Garrido, EBAN – European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds and other Early Stage Market Players.

  • “It was a pleasure to meet you and, above all, listen to your speech. I’m sure you have received thousands of greetings for this, but once again I would like to stress how critic, intense, accurate and CORRECT it was. We would definitely count on you for upcoming events.”

Council of Europe Monaco Conference

  • Maren Lambrecht-Feigl, Secretary to the Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development   Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe“I am absolutely convinced about your treasure of knowledge and still impressed by your energy for working at grass roots level whilst at the same time trying to help people at the Council of Europe to take a look outside of their “ivory tower” from time to time.”

Liri Kopaçi-Di Michele,  Violence against Women and Domestic Violence ,Justice and Human Dignity Directorate    DG I – Human Rights and Rule of Law , Council of Europe

  • “I’m very touched by your words, your story, what you have been through, your fight and the wonderful person that you are! I’m proud of your courage and your generosity – you make a difference in people’s lives and especially those who like you have been through so much pain.  I’m sure your daughters are very very proud of their mother!  Keep up the excellent work and you certainly are not alone!

European Training Foundation, Brussels Dr. Olena Bekh Specialist in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Skills Development ETF operations

  • “Deep and sincere thanks for your kind words, and let me just say HOW MUCH your contribution was appreciated by the participants who came together in the conference room, with different interest, priorities and experience, and who had such an inspiring exposure to the women’s entrepreneurship agenda due to your presentation! You have greatly contributed to the success of the conference, and thank you so much for investing your outstanding personality, passion and for charging the participants of the conference with your positive energy! Moreover, your speech has generated a “storm” of tweets on internet, while you were still speaking and of course after! You really touched the hearts and the minds!

THINK YOUNG Summer School, Brussels

  • Andrea Geros, Chief Thinker, ThinkYoung“All students appeared completely engrossed in your talk. This was naturally reflected when we analysed the feedback forms – You were the most popular speaker among participants. Congratulations!”
  • Christopher  Think Young “I would like to thank you, personally for the work you do and how you’ve come to be where you are. Your final speech was incredibly inspiring (my own mother has had a similar past, so I could somewhat relate), for me it’s not about the Zuckerberg’s, but the people like you, that no matter how hard the situation is/ has been, try even harder for success. (I wanted to thank you personally but you were being interviewed and I imagine your agenda is rather busy so I didn’t want to keep you)You’re a true inspiration!”

OECD Ministerial Conference, Ideas Factory, Paris; Public Affairs and Communications Directorate

  • “Your contribution as a Discussion Leader to the OECD_IdeaFactory on Gender was very well received and we would like to thank you once again for enriching the discussions.”

Henley Business School Stuart L. Morris J.P Centre for Entrepreneurship, Reading, UK “

  • Thank you so much for your lecture this afternoon. It really was a fantastic way to round out the course. The feedback I’m getting from the students already is incredibly positive. You have touched lives.”

Behrooz Soltanian PhD, English Lit   Henley

  • “I was in your lecture yesterday: I had lumps in my throat as you grew emotional during the speech. And yes I am a man but I find it just human to feel like that. It was a truly moving lecture and so much like and unlike other lectures delivered by other guest speakers. Like them because it was to encourage the young to be ambitious and not to give up; and so much unlike them because it chose to target initially the heart and then the mind of the audience. It worked; well, it worked for me. You said you are happy if your presence can change the life of at least one; well it can bring change to mine. However as I know you have a lot to do I’ll only bring it to your attention if you think you want to hear about it. Thank you again for the very sincere lecture you delivered yesterday.”                    


Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme (YEPP), Berlin : Dr. Tetiana Katsbert — YEPP Programme Officer Internationale Akademie (INA) gGmbH an der Freien Universität Berlin Institute of Community Education

  • “Many thanks for coming over to speak at the Workshop. It meant a lot to me and I was happy to see how you’ve sparkled other people’s hearts. I’m forwarding to you some of their comments written down later in the evaluation forms. Yet the energy level you’ve raised with your speech cannot be put in words – it needs to be felt, and I’m sure you felt it and hope that was a rewarding experience for you.

Youth Coaches:

  • “A very charismatic person”.
  • “Very human, creative and stimulating”.
  • “Concrete, light, inspiring, woman’s reactions and lifestyle”.
  • “I am absolutely astonished. We shared our contacts and I hope she will come to do workshop for Roma youth in Slovakia, she said it was possible”.

Youth Delegates

  • “A stimulating story”.
  • “I learned very good things about life”.
  • “I have learned how to love myself”.
  • “She’s able to talk about business and also move hearts”.
  • “My favourite. Her story is similar to mine”.
  • “One of the most inspiring people that I’ve ever met”.
  • “I became more optimistic and more motivated to believe in myself”.
  • “Madi was real”.


US Embassy LEAD Programme, Lithuania:

  • Margarita:“I just wanna say thank you for the amazing training these days in Western Union. You give us the perfect opportunity to look at ourselves in a different way.  Sometimes we forgot, how good we are 🙂
  • Ugne Sielskaite:“The training encourages to hard thinking of not only self-realisation, but also about what added value the accomplishment of my goal could create to the others”.
  • Neringa Kraptaviciute:“The thing I like most about the training are the topics. Also it was interesting because the teachers were prepared and professionals in their fields”.
  • Danas Merkelis:“I liked most the self-motivation topic as it was quiet helpful to me”.
  • Laura Krisiunaite:“I liked the enthusiasm of the speakers and their personal stories”.
  • Jevgenija Bodarenko:“I liked Madi and her enthusiasm”.
  • Zivile Dart:“I liked the speakers’ motivation, talking from the heart. Using a lot of examples and stories made the training interesting and valuable”.
  • Kotryna Mockeliunaite:“I liked that feeling of being inspired and ready to climb my own Everest”.
  • Ruta Dukstaite:“I liked the energy of the facilitator”.
  • Viktorija Vosyliute:“Positive attitude! Trainings provided many insights on how I can develop myself, seek my goals and achieve them. That is really important for me. Great amount of motivation, enthusiasm, positivity!”.
  • Erika Norekaite:“I liked the self-branding event and the tips Madi give us.