Inspiring Work

           The right person

            for the right job!

We are dedicated to rethinking and reimagining employment, recruitment and training for the workplace.

When 84% of people hate their job who benefits?

Our objective is to identify the right person for the job and the right job for the person! Hence we redefined recruitment, training and placement, ensuring both employee and employer get the right match. We support the unemployed into work, the employer in employee asset management and identify opportunities to gain experience and training to achieve potential.

          Employee Asset                          Management
      A Curriculum Designed For You
     Valuing Human Capital

The most valuable asset of any company is the employees.
Delivering wealth creation, innovation and productivity can only be achieved with a content and engaged workforce. AcadAMadi offers training, mentoring, coaching, customized on-site executive programs to companies.
Inspiration and motivation is delivered through events, conferences with high level speakers; and one to one engagement. Corporate learning is delivered to all levels. It includes out of the box thinking on the internal value chain, diversity, the company ethos and CSR. The interactive and multidisciplinary sessions have a proven track record of being effective and inclusive in delivering results.
The work ready rogramme-  prepare for the future workplace;

Harnessing innovation and creativity – the art of maximizing human capital

      Aspiring Entrepreneur
          A Curriculum Designed For You
Stop Talking – Start Doing!

In AcadAMadi we educate, inspire and empower entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to grow their businesses beyond AVERAGE. We provide 1-on-1 coaching, small business consulting, group dynamics and Mastermind Groups. We transform your idea from a concept to an investor – ready business!

Ideas into action- the course that gets you started
From business start up to community project
Business boot camp
Business incubators – Clusters
From Unemployed to Entrepreneur


                   Achieved Leaders
                              A Curriculum Designed For You

AcadAMadi gives you an expanded vision of your company, offering you the tools, techniques and opportunities for self-reflection to improve your focus, vision and decision-making.
It prepares you to advance your career or to strengthen the success of your business.

Leading your life – achieve maximum stress relief and job satisfaction
Women in Decision Making
Training the trainers on the #MadiEffect

                       Exceeding expectations
                                     A Curriculum Designed For You
Delivering More Than Expected!

Achieving an A should be your objective, but achieving an A + exceeds expectations.
The success and reputation of AcadAMadi have been achieved with the single objective of going beyond the call of duty. Hence, we offer to our clients, individual development for those clients who want to be not only the best, but stand out above the rest.

-Presentation skills
-Memorable speeches
-Public Relations
-Project development